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July 31, 2009 / rinta chos

That brainless folks.

Good and fun time with friends is the best medicine in the whole world.

I’ve been quite miserable these past few days. I miss my best friend(s) and I hate school and some cheesy romantic situation going on with someone I never expect. I need to do something to charge my mood, fill it, so I can be that normal old Rinta who thinks that life is easy and good so we have to enjoy it.
Thanks to Twitter (or known as Xikker nowadays), I was able to hang out with my beloved Social 2009 today. I won’t say that I love them very much and hope that we will never be separated until our dying day, it’s way too cheesy and cliché. But I do hope that Social 2009 stays the same : brainless. I do hope that we won’t forget all the memory and drama that we’ve gone through in this past 2 years..

When I say Social 2009, I don’t mean all member of my class, the real truth about a society called a class is everyone does not hang  out with everyone, there’s always a small click along with gap between each group that existed in the class.

Well, I’m glad that I’m not a poor misanthrope, that kind of person that’s not blend with the class or for some reason is not accepted to the normal group in class.. it’s unfair but that’s the reality and of course I have no power to fix it because that’s just the way it goes and I’m just a freakin blogger, I write what’s going on my head but actually I do nothing except rambling in my blog.. pathetic, right?

By the way, let’s talk about the main story.

I went to Grand Indonesia after school today.I changed my clothes in school and Opah picked me up and we go to GI together. Too bad Opah didn’t bring his car, because I really want to drive actually..

When I took money from ATM, I noticed that someone sent me a money so I have some extra money that I could spend to treat my friends..since I haven’t treat them anything for my birthday.
We eat and we went to T-Rex, sang a lot of that ‘engga banget’ songs and pretty much had a total fun.That’s what I like about hanging out with Social 2009, they’re a really chill and cool person..we laughed at each other and we made fun of other people, it works well as a mood charger, even works better than my own best friend(s). My bestfriend(s) are different type, they’re that one teens with a lot of drama and melancholy..I hate those two things but I love my bestfriend(s) way too much.

So yesterday pretty much was the best thing that happened to me in this week.
Thank you Social 2009.

Duet maut Gea dan Dara

Duet maut Gea dan Dara





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  1. Citta Parahita Widagdo / Jul 31 2009 6:48 am

    You too honey, stay brainless!

    You’re such a great friend with a great treat, lol. But seriously, Rinta, everybody in ips must love you. A looot. We may separate but we’ll fill our heads with memories, riteeee? So thank you for being such a best friend for me 🙂

    And trust me, your brainless friends will never ever leave youuuuu I guarantee that!

    “The friend of your youth is the only friend you’ll ever have for he doesn’t really see you.” – All the King’s Men

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