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August 17, 2009 / rinta chos

Hello August!

Hello August

August is not my favorite month, too be honest. My month had ended. Yes, July had ended. I started August with tears and disappointment.I failed SNMPTN and my friend succeeds.In spite of this, if I keep grieving over the past then I won’t ever move on, If I keep held grudge to my friend, I won’t ever move on, and it’s very juvenile to hold a grudge just because she got the SNMPTN and I’m not.

As soon as I can hold on myself after mourning for a day, I determined that I need to be serious on school.Repeating a high school year is my decision anyway, no one told me to, I’m the one who wants to be in SMA Negeri 8 Jakarta.And I realized that I wanted SNMPTN so bad and cried over it horribly just because I’m petrified that I would be left behind by my friend(s).I know that actually, I’m not ready yet, I need one more year, to establish myself and I’ll be ready for UI next year. Amin.

After SNMPTN done that means that the college life of my friends are going to start. They’re all going to be busy with college and I’m going to be busy with school. This is the most terrifying part, the part I hate the most; I hate the feeling of being left behind, and the feeling of being forgotten. I’m scared that everyone’s going to have fun and I’m just going to whine about ‘high school sucks’. But life needs to go on, I need to let them go, and they’re not going anywhere too far anyway. I’m going to miss 2009, going to miss all the memories from 10th grade until the beginning of 12th grade. Sometimes I’m still looking for 2009, SMA Negeri 8 is like a totally different school without them. But well sweet to the sweets, farewell my friends, thank you for every enthralling experiences..I’ll see you soon.

There is no other one who can take your place, I feel happy inside when I see your face
I hope you believe me ,Cause I speak sincerely, and I mean it when I tell you that I need you
You’re my best friend, and I love you, and I love you, Yes I do

But thankfully, IPS 2010 is so much fun.I feel ashamed that I’ve been building a wall around me the past 2 weeks, I didn’t let anyone to get too close to me because I thought I’m going to leave them anyway, I’m going to go to college. But God has its own plan, He sends me back to IPS 2010 and I have to annihilate the wall I had built. I become the old me, the old Rintachos, I walked to everyone and try to have a nice little conversations, try to befriend everyone. I hope IPS 2010 like me as much as I like them. Let’s have a magnificent year together, and I hope we’re all going to be as successful and exultant as IPS 2009.


August 9th was absolutely my happiest day in August. Jonas, Bo, and Silas a.k.a MEW finally came to Jakarta. They performed in Java Rockin’ Land. I’ve been waiting for them in 2006, but for some reasons they did not come. I waited and well here they come. I went to see it with Xika, Mya, and Tice.I came late and had to stand in the back and oh shit, I’m so short I can’t even see Jonas’s hair, but as the concert went by, I can moved a little bit to front and I can see Jonas’s face.They ended their performance with Comforting Sounds, the legendary signature song of them.My favorite, of course, when they sang 156. Well, conclusion: I want them to come back.

Come again, Mew!

Come again, Mew!

Don’t you just love goodbyes?


Nothing exhilirating  happened after that.But I’ve got to be gratified about everything that happened to me.I have a nice family and friends, healthy body and mind, and Ramadhan is coming. Life’s good.

Oh no, am I wry?


Flazz news.

1.I named my Nikon D40 : Kafka. Kafka’s my new toy and I love him so much!

2.I’m currently reading Kafka on the Shore. Another book suggestion by Xika. It’s very thought provoking.Murakami is a genius.

3.I just watched S.Darko, I bought it like a month ago but haven’t got time to watch it.It’s very bizzare, even more outlandish than Donnie Darko.Hovever it’s more intriguing, and it has Jackson Rathbone who starred as the geeky Jeremy and Ed Westwick who starred as Conejo Spring’s bad boy .Oh, watching this was upsetting, because the set of the film was in Utah. Even before I Googled it, I knew that it took place in Utah. I noticed the way the people talk and the mountain in the back along with the breathtaking blue sky.It makes me want to rush there.

What would you do if you know the future?

What would you do if you know the future?

4.I miss Utah. I miss the clear blue sky, it’s something I could never see in Jakarta’s grey sky.

5.Anggie is leaving to Solo.It makes me terribly sad.

6.Everytime I heard the news or talking to the soon-to-be exchange student (such as Luna, Zarfan, Dita), it makes me want to go back to USA, repeat it, start it all over again, I want to be them.

7.I finally bought Kaiser Chiefs and Franz Ferdinand new cd. Can’t wait to put it in my iPod!

That’s it. See you later readers




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  1. bestari / Aug 17 2009 4:27 pm

    haha, gw juga ga suka, august is the end of my holidays *sigh*

    rin, lo ga gagal di ujian itu, Dia cuma menahan kesuksesan lo ke uni setahun lagi, cuma itu. it’s the best path from God, keep your spirit up..
    anw, berencana lanjut kmana?

    oia, i’ve just launched my 1st blog, hehe, masih amatir dan butuh banyak masukan
    so feel free to visit my blog at

    and did you notice that you have 2 calendars in your border?

    • rintacos / Aug 18 2009 12:47 pm

      hehehe thanks kak supportnya 😀 ! insya Allah bisa jadi the next angkatan berjaket kuning. Amin. Maunya ya ke UI, ambil HI ato gak Hukum.Tapi kok rada2 serem ya mau ambil HI. takut sok2an.
      Hoh. Kalo kuliah tuh liburnya berapa lama sih?

      Oh iya! kalender nya ada dua. yaudah deh biarin. biar gaul hehe

      • bestari / Aug 18 2009 2:34 pm

        kalo libur akhir tahun cuma sebulanan
        kalo summertime, ga, kalo kemarau-time di tengah tahun, liburnya ampe 3 bulan rin, biasanya pada ambil semester pendek biar kuliahnya cepet selesai
        SP 2 bulan, jadi sisa libur gw 1 bulan, dan akan berakhir sebentar lagi

        jangan pernah takut untuk BERLARI mengejar mimpi

  2. zwiggy / Aug 17 2009 4:55 pm

    grr gue pengen nonton si donnie darko tp dvdnya ga nemu2

    • rintacos / Aug 18 2009 12:49 pm

      eh gue ada loh mbak tice. tp apa masih di xika ya? coba tanya si art

  3. benediktatika / Aug 17 2009 5:06 pm

    aaaa padahal agustus adalah bulan ulangtaun gua! kenapa pada ga suka sih hahaha (alasan yg ga penting sebenernya)

    • rintacos / Aug 18 2009 12:50 pm

      wakakkaka geblek deh lo atika. iya deh gue suka, karena bulan ini bulan ulang taun lo hehe.

      • benediktatika / Aug 19 2009 6:27 am

        asik! hahahha ga penting abis dah gue

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