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September 29, 2009 / rinta chos








Ini foto foto yang diambil di P.Babi . Read my previous post if you want to know the detail.

Well this is my first black and white project(or whatever you call it).I always want to have a black and white photograph because it looks timeless.
Ansel Adam’s photographs are mostly black and white and it looks so classy and I want to take that kind of picture.

Camera : Nikon D40 , 18-55 mm.
Lokasi : Pulau Babi, Balikpapan.

It was hot as hell when I took all these pictures. Pulau Babi itu bisa dijangkau kalo lagi surut aja, I was lucky, lagi surut waktu itu jadi gue jalan aja kesana, even though I suffered dehydration right after dan terpaksa minum air putih.

Foto ke 3 dari bawah, I meant to make it black and white but the color turned out like that, so I considered that one as an epic fail.

2 foto terakhir. I gave up, I can’t make that 2 pictures look good in black&white so I just gave it that over saturated and crappy color.

Kenapa suddenly monochrome? Gue baru baca postingan seorang fotografer. Dia bilang Indonesian photographer rata rata editannya pasti over saturated terus warnanya cerah cerah dan very vibrant and bright. Sementara kalo orang luar biasanya monochrome dan cenderung you know, warna mati.

Gue sadar dah kalo emang tiap ngedit gue warnya pasti ngejreng gonjreng jadi gua mau black and white kali ini, ato paling engga warna warna classy.


Rintachos. Senyum monyet :3



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  1. ticemuuuuuuuuu / Sep 29 2009 10:25 am

    ah sinting gue mau dong jd model lo

  2. Nadya / Sep 30 2009 1:36 am

    waw bagus-bagus deh choooooooooos :3 (salam onye)

  3. FB / Nov 13 2009 4:57 am

    good eyes..

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