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October 24, 2009 / rinta chos

i dont have any idea for the title

This is me trying to write a blog through my cellphone. Well its not that hard, just kinda make my finger a little tremble after that.

So they have a fix date for simak ui : 14th march 2010 . Its like only 4 effective months until it reaches simak ui. I’m still scared but in the other hand I’m pretty optimistic about the major I’m gonna take.

Some people think I’m reckless and stupid for not taking a pyschotest. But why the hell I need a psychotest? I know myself well, I know what I’m good at. I might be a teenage, but hell no I’m not labile, I know what I want and I’m gonna get it.

International relations and Law. University of Indonesia. I’m going there. No other choices. Groningen can wait.

Do you ever realize that we’re very rude and mean to the people that do not fit our requirements of a friend?

Oh I’m not gonna buy shit such as ; I’m friend with everyone. We’re all friends.


Okay. That’s notmy point but here’s what I’m gonna say:

Studi kasus.misalkan
A punya temen, si B, dia itu teenage drama queen, snobbish, unbearably noisy, annoying, dll. Tapi karena B temen A, maka A gak pernah nge bash B. Di matanya B itu baik baik aja.

Terus ada C . C sama menyebalkannya dengan B, tapi C bukan temen A. Dan A setengah mati benci C, mengecam semua yg dikatakan sama C, dan mengejek apapun yg dilakuin sm C.

Padahal sebenernya B dan C sama sama annoying. See?

Gajah di depan mata tidak terlihat. Kutu diseberang lautan keliatan segede gaban.

I’m trying to reduce the amount of my bad words and as well as gossiping. And aimless hatred.

No one’s perfect, and everyonr can say and do whatever they like. If you don’t like it then leave it, its not your business anyway.

I want to mind my own business. I’m living my life not to hate people who don’t even do a single wrong thing to me. That’s what a kid do, I’m not a kid, I’m 17 and I should grow up.


All you need is love? Meh.
Sepertinya semua org haus cinta dan mencari cinta. Super corny.

I have boyfriend and I like him and its because he don’t feed me up with stupid love promise and love sentences. Ew. I’m so gonna kick him if he treats me like that.

Oke sebenernya gue cuma eneg sm org yg lusting after love. Love will find you when you’re ready, don’t look after it. ——-




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  1. rintacos / Oct 26 2009 10:08 pm

    Its protected. I can’t look at it.

  2. besta / Nov 9 2009 6:03 pm

    mak simak simak, simak simak *pake nada ajep ajep*

    selama ini, psikotest hanya menjebak orang (baca: mengarahkan). harusnya test itu ‘menjelaskan’ kondisi pesertanya
    baguslah, jadinya decision lo pure dari diri sendiri
    lo ikut bimbel apa rin? lupa

    wah, ini ganti layout lagi? demen bener ganti ganti, ternyata rinta bukan tipe wanita setia, haha

  3. owner / Nov 10 2009 1:04 pm

    Bego gak sih tapi bes kalo gue gak ikut psikotest? Heheh.
    Bimbelnya inten sama privat matematika. Doain bes! I’ll do just about everythiing eemi masuk UI 😀

    Frankly, iya. Gue gak setia hahahahhaaha. Bosenan

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