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November 14, 2009 / rinta chos

one chaotic month

Adieu October, howdy-do November, Theres not a lot to tell. The rollercoaster I’m riding now are moving in a constant speed and track. I had my middle semester test. Floundered. I had my third try out. Enlivened. Am I satisfy yet? No. I need at least 16% more to meet the prerequisite of International Relations major. In order to do that. I need my Geography, History, and English score to be flawless. I’ve a promise with Anggi. Being in Law faculty is our last option. Anggi will be a student of Economics Faculty. Majoring in Accounting. I will be a student of Social Politics Faculty. Majoring in International Relations. University of Indonesia. I watched the Ting Tings. Spent quite a lot but its worthed the show. Katie white is uber sexy, and so does Jack. Tortured Soul’s keyboardist looks like Adam Brody. I received my middle semester report card. My mouth was hanging open. My score wasn’t that bad, but I ranked 35 out of 41 student in my class. I know that I said I didn’t care about my score. But its not about score. Its about dignity, Its in me. My pride is as high as Mount Everest. Butterflies and hurricanes. Revenge will surely come. The final semester test is coming soon.And so does the fourth try out. Way too soon. March is coming soon. 14th March. Discomforting, discouraging, intimidating. Make my blood run cold. Its 4 months away. But to think about it, 4 months is not a lot of time. God bless Social 2010. Yes, we can. Obama said so. November is going to be one chaotic month. 14th November I’ll have my SNMPTN try out. 22nd November Inten’s try out. Free IELTS test. And Final test on November 30th. One hell of chaotic month. When November ends, December comes. It means 3 months away. And school is not being helpful. And so does the Ministry of Education who announced that the Final Examination of High School is going to be on March 16th. I briefly announce that my theme of this year is PRESSURE.



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  1. tata / Nov 22 2009 1:28 pm

    ayo, rintaa.gue dukung masuk hi ui.
    biar kita ketemu. gue penasaran pengen kenalan langsung sama loo..

  2. owner / Nov 23 2009 2:39 am

    iya amin. makasih ya 😀
    halo tata. lo anak hi ui? angkatan berapa?

    • tata / Dec 7 2009 1:08 pm

      enggaa. gue komunikasi. tapi satu fakultas sama hi. angkatan 09.

  3. Anonymous / Dec 7 2009 1:07 pm

    engga.rin. gue anak komunikasi. satu gedung juga sama hi..angkatan 09

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