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December 15, 2009 / rinta chos


Do people in this world really have to belong to some kind of clique? Like do we have to be a part of something, belong to some kind of group?

Can I be like? Neutral? Without being a misanthrope, without have to alienate myself from the world?
Can I be neutral and still have true friends by my side?

Frankly, throughout my school years, I always feel like I’m somehow belong to some clique.
I’m trying to be neutral, you know, independent, but I can’t. The clique I’m in, they make me comfortable, they make me feel loved and it’s actually feel good to belong to something. It feels good knowing that there are someone you can hold on to.

But I hate labels.
I hate stereotypes.

Deep down, I want to know how it is to be neutral.

I’m planning to be neutral this year. I’m thinking that, well, all my friends aren’t here anymore, let’s focus on catching up and be the neutral type. Not involving in anything, minding my own business, not caring about the class, having limited fun, do not get too close with anyone. That sort of ‘neutral’ stuff.

Well I’m a cheap movie, you could guess how my plan turns out.

I’m loosing up a little bit and boom! I’m infiltrated.
I guess its very easy to me to like someone, to become attached, to develop a caring kind of feeling.

If I’m a soil, I would be the top layer of the soil, easy to be infiltrated by water.

Well it looks like I do not really like being un-neutral. But well, not really. I’m just wondering if I can be neutral someday.

My un-neutral situation now, it feels good. Because I know I’m holding up with the right person.

Its delighting to have someone who has something in common with you.
To have someone to call or text and someone who’ll have your back.
Someone who won’t turn you down. Whose words will cheer you up when you’re down.
Who’ll fight together with you.

I’m gratified and satisfied.
at this current moment, I don’t bother if I’m not neutral.

Clique for school years? So be it.

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  1. xika / Dec 16 2009 12:34 pm

    Lo mending baca novel: THE CLIQUES atau PREP hohohoh canda kale

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