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December 15, 2009 / rinta chos


During the chaotic and restless time, I was yearning for some break. Loosen up time, where I can watch dvds all day long or slicing and open up warriors in Dynasty Warrior or reading two books at a time.Indulging myself basically.

Now I’m having that time. First semester of school has officialy comes to it’s end. I could have my relaxing time if I want. But you know what I want instead?
I want school time.
Having free time like this makes me anxious and troubled. I’m scared that I’ll forget everything that I’ve learnt.
This is kinda kooky, having a free time like this. Being you know? Jobless?

Goddamnit I’m twisted.

Well I just hope that I’ll have fun at this very infrequent moment. Maybe I can meet up with some old friends, or having quality time with my boyfie, or you know getting things done (I don’t have KTP and SIM until now, and its been like 5 months since my 17th birthday).
I won’t be laying off like this for the next 3 or 4 months.
I’ll be busy as hell.

Well this is me being human. There’s nothing that can ‘fully’ satisfied human. I want something but when I get that something, I want something else, it’s just keep going like that. Cliche.

So yeah I guess I’ll say hello to this long holiday!
(I should be like merry happy and bubbly right now, but I’m thinking about Geography at this current moment)

See? I’m fucking twisted. It’ll pisses me off if I don’t get the yellow jacket by next year.

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