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December 18, 2009 / rinta chos

Why I should be thankful?

  1. At least I’m alive at this current moment. And in a perfect condition. At least because I’m alive, I can still pray to Allah so He doesn’t put me in hell. I can still make up my sin.
  2. At least I still have one parent to take care of me. Those who still have both parents. Be more thankful. You never know how much you love someone until they’re gone from your life.
  3. I’m loved. By my family, friends, and lovers.
  4. I have good education. Think abou those little kids in Africa and Middle East.
  5. I might be not tall. But I’m average. I aint a midget or a giant.
  6. I might be thin. At least I’m not anorexic or obese.
  7. I’m healthy. Who cares if you’re fat? No one but you.
  8. I have an almost flawless score for my final exam semester. Yay!
  9. I’ve experienced two life-changing experiences ( the death of my father and my exchange year).
  10. I have religion. That way I’ve a God who will listen to my story and help me get through my problem.
  11. I’m a girl. I can go shopping all day long. I can cry during movies. I can wear both skirts or pants.
  12. My face is in perfect condition. I’m not beautiful, stunning, sexy, or whatever but hey I’m definitely what you call ugly.
  13. I live in Jakarta. I might not get NYC but Jakarta’s definitely better than Digul or whatever.
  14. I always get the stuff I want. I might have to wait, but at least I got it at the end.
  15. I’m Indonesian. And I’m Balinese. Well, I cant dance but I love photography. Photography is an art, right?
  16. I’m a Social student.

And the lists could go on and on..

People are troubled by romance, dramas, future, and etc etc.
When they troubled, they’re whining, complaining, and practically starting to hate life and God, who apparently the one who created life.

Life is wonderful.


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