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January 2, 2010 / rinta chos


hashtags ini sempet jadi trending topic di Twitter. Banyak banget yang pengen gue tulis, but I dont want to trash people’s timeline, lalu dihujat. Twitter’s not a blog anyway.

So #2009. My year has passed, so many things were done, so many memories, I had hellos and goodbyes, I met new people, I left a lot of people. It’s quite a good year *except the fact that I didnt graduate along with my class of 2009. Thank you everyone for being a part of my 2009, I love you all and let’s have a great year in 2010.

Here’s top 25 most played songs during 2009.
Creep by Radiohead
Decode by Paramore
Ain’t no Sunshine by Lighthouse Family
Mad World by Gary Jules
Fix You, Lost, Politik, Warning Signs,  The Scientist, In my Place, Green Eyes, Clocks, Don’t Panic, Violet Hill by Coldplay
Brighter than Sunshine by Aqualung
Shine by The Morning Of
Stolen by Dashboard Confessional
Please don’t tell her, Mr.Curiousity, Geek in the pink by Jason Mraz
Fences, Lisztomania by Phoenix
I will follow you into the dark, Soul meets body by Death Cab for Cutie
and Young Folks by The Kooks.

the songs selection tells a lot actually. Each song represents the moment I had in 2009.Each songs recalls a memorable moment in 2009.

I spent my time from January to June in Utah, United States of America.
First time skiing, Las Vegas, Southern Utah, Track&Field, Greeny with his green eyes and braces 🙂 , Utah’s airport, Chicago, Nacel Open Door 17 once again, the Reorientation, Graduation, Prom and After Prom, First day at school, SNMPTN’s result, Middle Semester test result, Report card, IPS 2010, Inten.

Ya semacem inilah grafik hidup gue di 2009.

I reached the highest peak, the euphoria di Bulan Juni dan Juli. Gue baru pulang, orang orang pada liburan jadi gue bisa jalan jalan terus, gue masih banyak duit, terus gue bisa ikutin semua acara 8 2009. Walaupun gue udah masuk sekolah tapi gue gak peduli, gue main aja terus, harapan gue masih tinggi untuk dapetin SNMPTN, bisa satu kuliah sm temen temen gue di UI.

Tapi kemudian, I reached the lowest peak, the honeymoon season ended. Gue gagal SNMPTN dan gue harus balik ke realita, gue harus ngulang lagi ke SMA Negeri 8, ketemu orang orang baru lagi di kelas baru, adaptasi lagi, membiasakan diri sekolah tanpa ada orang yang gue kenal. Sumpah yang namanya males tuh males bangettttt, tapi gue harus survive selama setahun kan? It’s just another year I have to survive, masa gue survive 10 bulan di luar tapi di negeri sendiri kagak bisa? ye gak?

Alhamdulillah lama lama grafik gue naik, thanks to IPS 2010. Terima kasih udah baik sama gue ya, udah bisa bikin gue nyaman di kelas, dan akhirnya gue bisa lagi ngerasa “Anjing, gue pengen masuk sekolah nih, kangen sekolah”. And it only takes me 2 months to feel that way. Thanks God, lagi lagi I’m lucky.

Most memorable moment of 2009.

1. Skiing. Akhirnya bisa maen Ski, gak cuma liat di majalah. It’s the greatest sport, ever!
2.Las Vegas trip. It’s Vegas, the real Vegas.
3. Track&Field season. I met the greatest friend here. Thanks for the great season, Jer, Cate, Courtney, Phil, Myla, Ashley, Victoria 🙂
4.Going home, Chicago, Re-Orientation, Nacel Open Door 17. I’m beyond happy when I finally met these guys after 10 months separation. They’re all look happy, we got a bunch of stories to tell, we slightly change in a good way, we’re filled with experiences, we’re a great people, we survived. Anak anak NOD17 adalah my #bestof2008, we’re not just a team, we’re a family. Oke mungkin lebay, tapi waktu gue masih di sana, gue ngerasa banget kalo mereka ini satu satunya keluarga yang gue punya di sana. Kita experienced the same thing and condition, being a minority itu bikin lo glued to each other. Let’s have a reunion later, Nacel Over Dosis, my Brur 🙂
4.Graduation, Prom, After Prom, IPS 2009, 8 2009. I miss these guys so much, gue melewatkan banyak hal dengan mereka, jadi sebisa mungkin gue pengen menghabiskan banyak waktu sama mereka sebelom akhirnya gue sibuk sekolah dan mereka sibuk kuliah. “everyone’s leaving I’m still with you”
5.IPS 2010. Gile, kelas gila, orang orang gila, mari belajar gila gilaan. They’re my current favorite crowds. This is your year, let’s rock it out, and bring me along with you and help me to rock it out too.
6.Kafka. Akhirnya gue punya DSLR. I’m beyond happy.
7.Mr. ZD 🙂 I like you and I like that day, I like September 3rd 2009, I like every bit of you. Thanks for being there and not being fussy and cheesy.

Gue bingung mau nulis apalagi. Have a great 2010, readers. 🙂


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