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April 24, 2010 / rinta chos

Half review; Half curhatan. Letters, Stories, & Dreams by Cassandra Niki

I recently just bought and read Cassandra Niki’s book: Letters, Stories & Dreams.Even though I absolutely love to read, I barely read any Indonesian novel (I think I mentioned it before). I don’t mean to be cocky or anything, it’s just everytime I read Indonesian novel, I cant help but feel envious (I mentioned this before too).Why? well because I freakin love to write and I want to publish my own novel too, but I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to publish my own novel.

Btw. Jadi Cassandra Niki or well known as Casseybunn ini adalah seorang inspirational writer, photographer, dan plus dia adalah mahasiswi UGM.(In conclusion, she’s everything I want to be). Gue mulai tau dia sebenernya baru tahun lalu, dari temen gue Erika a.k.a Ujang. Sejak pertama kali liat hasil fotografinya, I’m instantly amazed and fell in love. Later on, Ujang kasitau kalo dia blogger juga. Well honestly, I never read her blog before because as I mentioned before, I get jealous by successful blogger and writer such as Raditya Dika or her.

Tahun 2010 I heard that Casseybunn merilis novelnya. I’m dead curious. Tapi mau dikata apa? I was dead busy from January to April. I spent that 4 months for studying, praying, dreaming, and worrying (just like most 12th grader did).Well God is full of mercy and He surely is the most merciful of all. I’m officialy free, starting April 17th. Lalu gue yang pengangguran ini bingung harus apa, well gue memutuskan untuk menjadi good reader once again, because good reader makes a good writer(dan gue tidak akan berhenti berusaha menjadi good writer). Dan sore hari yg random, I abruptly decided to bought Cassey’s book. (meskipun tau setelahnya gue akan meletup2 kesenangan dan iri, both at the same time)

I’m totally right. Gue beli itu buku sore ini. Menghabiskan 3 jam membacanya dan the after taste : meletup2 kesenangan plus iri. I CAN RELATE SO MUCH TO HER BOOK. Masa-masa SMA nya(stress ujian, bingung pilih jurusan), her way in writing letter ( I write, well not letter, tp gue nulis ketika gue gatau mau kata apa lagi), her dreams (we have different dreams, dia mau jd filmmaker, I simply want to be a rich-traveler, I know it’s not a profession tp itulah mimpi gue, intinya sih we both are dreamer and we wont stop dreamin, keep dreamin while it’s free, rite?), gue bahkan bisa relate ke fakta bahwa she’s an orphan (GOOD MAN, DIE YOUNG :,,) ), just like me. WHAT’S SO GOOD ABOUT THIS BOOK IS : IT’S LIKE #damnright, so ordinary but enthralling. Kayak sebenernya ini cerita biasa tp jadi luar biasa karena inilah kehidupan nyata yang dialami orang orang kebanyakan. ( That’s my favorite kind of book, thats why I’m not into Sci-Fi)

Well, I’m one step closer to reach my dream to publish a book like her, sekarang kan gue mahasiswi UGM juga haha (kalo Cass ga suka Jogja, gue kebalikan, I’m more like Jonas and Niken, gue bermimpi kuliah di Jogja dan I’ll do absolutely everything to make that happen). I REALLY REALLY HOPE I COULD BE AS INSPIRING AS CASSANDRA NIKI, buku ini works much better than motivational books dan motivational quotes yg gue baca setiap hari (to keep my dream and optimism alive). Jadi mungkin, 1,2,3,4,5 tahun lagi I’ll have my own book, who knows?

Thanks Cass, great book, great stories, very motivating and captivating. Hopefully we’ll meet each other by coincidence di Bulaksumur, UGM.(And I would love some signature in my book)

Check out her blog, here.


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